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Authors Guidelines

 AIJMEG follow a Double Blind Peer Review System in order to bring in a high-quality intellectual platform for researchers across the world thereby bringing in total transparency in its journal review system. The journal welcomes submissions in all areas related to Management, Education and Governance. Manuscript must be in English prepared on a standard A4 size paper setting. It must be prepared in 12-point Times New Roman. Authors are instructed to follow the author guidelines strictly without which the article may not be accepted for publication. Authors are advised to check the guidelines and check list before submitting the article for publication.READ MORE


Reviewer Guidelines

The review process is an important aspect of the publication process of an article. It helps an editor in making decision on an article and also enables the author to improve the manuscript. Oasis International Academic Journals operates as a double blind peer review system. Before accepting to review a manuscript reviewers should ensure that:

        • The manuscript is within their area of expertise.
        • The reviewers can dedicate the appropriate time to conduct a critical review of the manuscript.

        Conflict of Interest

“Conflict of interest (COI) exists when there is a divergence between an individual’s private interests (competing interests) and his or her responsibilities to scientific and publishing activities such that a reasonable observer might wonder if the individual’s behavior or judgment was motivated by considerations of his or her competing interests” WAME.  ”Reviewers should declare their conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from the peer-review process if a conflict exists”. ICMJE


Manuscripts are confidential materials given to a reviewer in trust for the sole purpose of critical evaluation. Reviewers should ensure that the review processes is confidential. Details of the manuscript and the review process should remain confidential during and after the review process.


„The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one‟s own‟ Oxford Dictionaries
It is unethical for reviewers to “use information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage, or to disadvantage or discredit others” COPE


Reviews should be honest and objective. Reviewers should not be influenced by:

      • The origin of the manuscript
      • Religious, political or cultural viewpoint of the author Gender, race, ethnicity or citizenry of the author

Review reports

In evaluating a manuscript, reviewers should focus on the following:

      • Originality
      • Contribution to the field
      • Technical quality
      • Clarity of presentation
      • Depth of research

Reviewers should also:

      • Observe that the author(s) have followed the instruction for authors, editorial policies and publication ethics.
      • Observe that the appropriate journal’s reporting guidelines is followed

The report should be accurate, objective, constructive and unambiguous. Comments should be backed by facts and constructive arguments with regards to the content of the manuscript. Reviewers should avoid using “hostile, derogatory and accusatory comments” PIE. Reviewers should not rewrite the manuscript; however necessary corrections and suggestions for improvements should be made.


Reviewers should only accept manuscript that they are confident that they can dedicate appropriate time in reviewing. Thus, reviewers should review and return manuscripts in a timely manner.


Reviewers’ recommendation should be either:


        • Requires minor corrections
        • Requires moderate revision
        • Requires major revision
        • Not suitable for the journal
        • Submit to another publication such as (suggest a journal):
        • Reject Recommendation should be backed with constructive arguments and facts based on the content of the manuscript.


        • P.I.E. Guidelines for Reviewers
        • COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers
        • ICMJE – Responsibilities in the Submission and Peer-Review Process
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